Since we’re close to the end of the year, I thought it’s a good idea to share some thoughts about it.

It wasn’t as bad as everyone expected. The most important thing is that we are healthy and we should stay this way. …

I’m not a fan of the GO game (I don’t event know I know how its played) or of much of these types of documentaries. Nevertheless, an important milestone have been reach at this point. A milestone that have pushed China (which has taken this to an unimaginable level) and other superpowers to take A.I. advancements seriously.

About ordering online

Do you order online? I do. Most of us do. Are we ordering to many things?

You have to give it to Amazon. They made it so easy now.

I wanted a new room lamp. The default idea was Ikea. I or my wife (or both) were…

After 7 years from their previous video release, Rammstein, a German hard rock (I prefer not to use heavy metal for them) group get the spotlight again with their controversial new single (as like any single they have released so far) — Deutschland.

You barely hear any kind of guitar…

It sounds better in my native language. A close translation would be “the year doesn't bring what an hour brings”. Even more explicit translation and explanation could be: you can accomplish so much in such little time, but so many could happen in a short period.

You take a long…

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