1 article a day for the month of October 2019

I have done this in the past. I force myself to write an article each day for one month. I have been successful so far…

I cheat. By that, I mean I have about half the articles in drafts; for whatever reason they never seen the light of the screen publicly so I take this opportunity to do some cleaning and to finish up some good pieces. There’s also a list of articles that are worth translated into English from my Romanian blog.

This will not be the only place I write. MoviesForMySoul.com is a blog I started a couple of years ago about movies. Personal opinions. I watch way to many movies but share to little of them so this is how I push myself to spread the word (that website is also used to experiment technical stuff for SEO and WordPress, to test plugins and updates — can’t tell you how many times I’ve broken the site).

The ultimate goal is to do this every day, like Seth Godin.

This is article number 1.

Digital Marketing Specialist. SEO and the rest. With love, from Toronto.

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