About having most of your eggs in one basket — Crowdfire App story

A couple of years back I found out about this social media management app called Crowdfire. It was a mix between HootSuite/Buffer and… those Twitter/Instagram spam bots that were popular back in the day (there still are some, but not as many and as useful as they used to be).

It’s a legitimate company, you can find info on their website and all other information (compared to those bot companies that were registered in the Cayman Islands or somewhere fishy).

And the App was amazing — it was different from the HootSuite/Buffer dashboard view, an intuitive workflow that performed really fast. The mobile app was also good and the support team apparently was there whenever you needed them. It still had some of the bot features, as in showing similar Twitter accounts based on locations, keywords, engagements etc. They had the option to DM new followers but they have removed this feature when Twitter made some changes to its operations and crack down on spam/bot.

The app was also in the low price range and I always recommended this tool and preferred it in spite of the others. I never read/heard about this app anywhere else and I’m not sure why. Some of the community refers to it as a social media management tool for musicians.

A month ago (Jan 2019) Twitter decided to make some changes to its API and those changes affected Crowdfire — as in the Twitter feature stopped functioning. Without any heads-up from Twitter. You can read the whole saga here: https://twitter.com/Crowdfire

Bottom line — I had a new project, I just set up the accounts and when I saw that Twitter did not work I had to switch to another app (DrumUp). How many were like me?

Crowdfire is not only for Twitter but this story is a good reminder to diversify your options. Now is a good time.

Apparently, Twitter works now (stripped of most of its previous functions).

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