About ordering online

Do you order online? I do. Most of us do. Are we ordering to many things?

You have to give it to Amazon. They made it so easy now.

I wanted a new room lamp. The default idea was Ikea. I or my wife (or both) were about to embark to the Ikea World amusement park. Then decided to check Amazon, see what it offered, since we pay for Prime (a couple of months ago, where this draft first started, Amazon was not the obvious choice).

Of course the next day and 60$ shorter, we had our lamp. One of the best investments ever (here’s the link, I recommend).

I am not at the point (like some people I know) to order toothpaste and other daily things yet, but again, it’s so easy I ask myself why I don’t do it yet.

I found myself browsing on Wish a lot these days as well. I buy stuff that I probably wouldn’t have take them for free if you would offer them.

I never bought shoes and clothes do, I still prefer to try them, to put them on before purchasing. It’s a great experience that online ordering is not able to fulfill (yet).

Digital Marketing Specialist. SEO and the rest. With love, from Toronto.

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