Rammstein — Deutschland

After 7 years from their previous video release, Rammstein, a German hard rock (I prefer not to use heavy metal for them) group get the spotlight again with their controversial new single (as like any single they have released so far) — Deutschland.

You barely hear any kind of guitar on the radio today, not to mention a hard rock riff. This single is most welcomed. I’m a Rammstein fan since the early 2000; I got them on my collection since then (which was not that easy to get your hands on a CD back then — and it was really expensive) and was fortunate enough to see them live in Bucharest a couple of years back.

Germany played the World Cup a day previous to the concert, and they were already arrived and accommodated in my city. They went to see the game at a local pub where a friend of mine was working and he called me right away to let me know who’s there and if I could have come he could try to squeeze me in. I wasn’t around, so there goes Rammestein’s chance of hanging around one afternoon with me.

I saw them at the concert the next day and man, what an experience. Before the gig started they had a huge Germany flag that covered the stage and when the show started it felt in synchronous with the show.

If you’re not familiar with Rammstein’s live shows… there’s not much I can tell you then; maybe just go and see one. The members have a pyrotechnic background and there’s a lot of fire involved. A lot of fire (although after the Colectiv incident I don’t appreciate these things anymore).

Also, towards the end of the show, the keyboardist pulled out an inflatable boat, threw it on and let himself be carried by the crowd (he’s a skinny guy). Thought that was really awesome.

Rammstein never changed their line-up since the formation of the group — and that says a lot about them. If there’s one word that can describe the band, that word is controversy. Which, as we know, creates cash. All of their videos and all of their appearances are controverted.

Enjoy the new single:

And also this video of people reacting to their music 😀

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