The 4th and final law of the office from the series — Social change (funny how it took me a year to finish this series — see now the benefit of forcing yourself to write an article each day).

This one did not start as a joke (or by mistake). Social change accelerates when wee see others change.

Or, in other words, lead by example.

Like Jesus told the apostles: Do to others as you would have them do to you. Luke 6:31

I get that from experience. If you want people to do something specific (that they don’t do), start doing that thing yourself. The example in the podcasts is quite good: start washing the dishes if you want others to do the same. Start with your own and yes, at one point, you will need to do others.

This one is pretty much straight forwards, but it’s good to remind ourselves from time to time that we might need to start doing something in order to achieve our goal.

Now, from a management perspective, this is a tricky thing. Sometimes it’s easier to go in and do that stuff yourself instead of delegating someone; this is not very productive on the long run.

Digital Marketing Specialist. SEO and the rest. With love, from Toronto.

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