This Is Marketing — Seth Godin’s book

I was a good boy last year and Santa has brought me some cool and fresh books. I’ve managed to read some of them and as I do most of the time, I would like to share some thoughts here.

I’m a Marketing Guy for 10+ years (I don’t want to say for how long because it makes me look/sound old). I’ve been following Seth Godin for at least 10 years and he has been one of my mentors for the same time (what, you need to actually know the mentor?).

He’s also a great motivator that inspired me to write more often (hence this blog you’re reading now).

On the interview for my current job, Seth Godin’s name came up a couple of times and I was happy to find out that my boss and Seth have been communicating throughout the years.

His article on soft and hard skills — Let’s stop calling them ‘soft skills’ has been a game changer on how I present myself. I’ve been sharing it and build my resume on it ever since (because I’m from Europe, where resumes are built differently than in North America).

As you have might guest already by now, Seth’s 2018 book — This is Marketing — was one of Santa’s presents. And this was the first book from Seth that I have read. I’ve read his blogs and listened to most of his other books, but never actually read one.

Marketing is not as easy as some people might think. If you can skip a couple of sessions at the gym, skipping an important update in the marketing field today can be a job/career/business bankruptcy.

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