Since we’re close to the end of the year, I thought it’s a good idea to share some thoughts about it.

It wasn’t as bad as everyone expected. The most important thing is that we are healthy and we should stay this way. I won’t talk much about the pandemic, but I would like to take a moment and pray for those who suffered during this time.

I anticipate an explosion of events after this is over (I believe 2021 is compromised as well): conferences, events, concerts, festivals, etc. Looking forward to that, but until then, let’s take advantage of the times we live in when we can work from home and still bring value to the market and to the economy.

Imagine if this would have happened 10 years ago.

The year hasn’t kicked off in a good way: my grandmother passed away and it’s more difficult when losing a loved one and you’re far away.

I’ve read a lot; not for the last 2 months, but before that I’ve managed to go through some interesting titles. Reading keeps your mind sharp.

I’ve also written. Not as much as I used to do (on my blog), but one of my texts called “Should I Trust Others?” has been published in a book called Grow Together (Amazon link for the purchase of the book). It’s the Immigrant Writers Association’s second anthology, and the text is about my immigrant journey (and also talking a little bit about the pandemic).

It’s my first text published in a book, so I’ll take a moment to celebrate.

I’ve started volunteering for this association in February/March 2020 (as the marketing manager). It’s a nice journey I’m on.

I’ve also been mentoring new immigrants via ArriveIn, an app/community developed by RBCVentures, that’s trying to bring together future Canadian immigrants with the ones that are already here.

Since I know the journey and the market here, I’ve been giving my opinions on how to approach the job search and how to adapt more easily to the Canadian job market, via this app. And it’s been one of the most fulfilling endeavors I’ve been on. I believe I made an impact and I want to get involved more in this process. I’ve developed friendships through the app.

On the publishing side, I’ve been featured as an expert on 2 SEMRush studies: one about digital marketing skills required in the industry, the other about agency life.

Additionally, on 2 more round-ups: Databox, about Google Analytics, and a 2020 SEO tip on Chase Reiner.

Since everyone is using video nowadays I turned my checklist of a successful video conference into an article that’s been published on HomeBusinessMag.

Ahrefs, a popular SEO tool, released a lite-free version, and I left a small review on how you can use this tool for your small business on SmallBusinessBonfire.

I’ve also co-authored an article about passwords and password protection. This is my first article on Family Lawyer Magazine, the magazine published by the company I work for.

I’ve been busy, but I plan to be even more in the coming year. As I said, the most important thing is our health and we should focus on keeping it.

Digital Marketing Specialist. SEO and the rest. With love, from Toronto.

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